In Glasgow the summer is coming and I can feel the brightness in my soul.
I have so many things going on but I dont have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.
A part from practising singing I am studying the piano and learning Wagners Lohengrin aswell.

At the moment I am also working with Scottish Opera chorus on Rigoletto by Verdi.
The Scottish Opera is full of good people and at a highly professional standard. Many of them I know and have worked with in the past.
I am thoroughly enjoying Rigoletto because the music is so good. We have spent the last weeks learning the dance and alot of laughter in the process but frustration aswell. I have worked in the Theatre Royal before both on Eugene Onegin and War and Peace and I am looking forward to do that again. Rigoletto will be on tour in Scotland and Ireland in June and I am looking forward to that.

The conducter in Rigoletto is Tobias Ringborg from Sweden

Soon I will be adding arias and songs to the audio list here so visit again