Hádegistónleikar 2. Mars klukkan 12:30


Annan hvern föstudag á milli 12:30 og 13:00 eru haldnir hádegistónleikar í Háteigskirkju þar sem flutt er fjölbreytt efnisskrá við allra hæfi. Fjöldi flytjenda kemur fram á tónleikunum, bæði söngvarar og hljóðfæraleikarar ásamt Lilju Eggertsdóttur píanóleikarara sem er listrænn stjórnandi tónleikaraðarinnar. Nýjir flytjendur koma fram í hvert sinn og er efnisskrá hverra tónleika sérsniðin að þeim hópi flytjenda. Almennt miðaverð er 1000 krónur en 500 krónur fyrir eldri borgara og námsmenn.


Föstudaginn 2. mars næstkomandi verður efnisskráin á rómantískum nótum þar sem skiptast á ljúflingslög, dúettar og aríur í flutningi Önnu Hugadóttur víóluleikara, Bjartmars Sigurðssonar tenórs og Lilju Eggertsdóttur píanóleikara.

Vonast til að sjá ykkur sem flest!


Með vinsemd og þökk, Lilja Eggertsdóttir.




Musical moments at Háteigskirkja


Every second Friday at 12.30 PM Lilja Eggertsdóttir pianist presents a lunchconcert at the church of Háteigskirkja, featuring various icelandic musicians. A new programme is performed at every concert. Tickets 1.000 ISK / 500 ISK



In Glasgow the summer is coming and I can feel the brightness in my soul.
I have so many things going on but I dont have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.
A part from practising singing I am studying the piano and learning Wagners Lohengrin aswell.

At the moment I am also working with Scottish Opera chorus on Rigoletto by Verdi.
The Scottish Opera is full of good people and at a highly professional standard. Many of them I know and have worked with in the past.
I am thoroughly enjoying Rigoletto because the music is so good. We have spent the last weeks learning the dance and alot of laughter in the process but frustration aswell. I have worked in the Theatre Royal before both on Eugene Onegin and War and Peace and I am looking forward to do that again. Rigoletto will be on tour in Scotland and Ireland in June and I am looking forward to that.

The conducter in Rigoletto is Tobias Ringborg from Sweden http://www.tobiasringborg.com/index.html

Soon I will be adding arias and songs to the audio list here so visit again

Tattoo 2010

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BBC television and Radio

I have now performed at “The Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo Festival” 14 successful shows. I had the honour of singing with the Danish tenor Jakob Holtze on the BBC performances, which will be broadcasted on 30th of August. Jakob will be singing the rest of the shows from now, until I will join him on the last performance on the 28th of August.  

The biggest highlights of the show for me was to sing for and meet Abdullah || King of Jordan and Anne, Princess Royal 

On the 16th august I sang on BBC Radio Scotland and got good reviews from that. The piece I sang was “Core N’Grato” by S.Cardillo. That broadcast can be found on the BBC Iplayer under BBC festval café 16th of august at 13.15 but will only be avalible 2days from now

Edinburgh Tattoo

After my summer holiday in Iceland I will be performing in the Edinburgh Tattoo festival, beginning 6th of August. I am very honored to be singing at this exceptional event which will also be the largest show I have participated  in . The Tattoo attracts over 200.000 audience every year. In addition it is televised in 30 countries where 100 million people are assumed to watch this annual event worldwide . I will be singing two songs; “Here´s to the heroes” by John Barry, originally a soundtrack from the movie Dances with wolves, and “I vow to thee my country“, a patriotic song, music written by Gustav Holst and the poem by Cecil Spring-Rice..

The performance dates are : 6-7-9-10-11-12-13-14-28th august

Tickets can be bought online the Edinburgh Tattoo Festival homepage and other ticket agencies in the UK

St.Bartholomew´s in Chipping,England

I have been very busy studying new stuff for concerts both oratorio and opera. Sang in a charity concert for breast cancer at the Balshagray Church in june and we raised 3.000 pounds. Went down to London for a rehearsal for Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo Festival wich I will be singing in august. Performance dates yet to come. I am preparing my audition repertoire for Germany next fall and planning on going for a audition tour there. My next performance is on the 10th july in St.Bartholomew´s in Chipping,England and will include German,French and Italian opera.
I hope that you will enjoy this website and please visit again for there will be new recordings coming soon.
Bjartmar Sigurdsson

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